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About Our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection For Timber Pest AS434.9 Service

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Timber Pest Inspection AS4349.3 (Perth Pre-Purchase)

Cottesloe Pest Control are proud to offer affordable timber pest & termiteinspections to Perth and Fremantle homeowners and prospective home buyers. Building on decades of experience in the industry, the visual inspection will inspect all accessible areas on the day, to ensure you are able to make fully informed decisions going forward. Our highly qualified team know how to spot not just the signs of a current infestation, but also potential weakness points that you may want to consider.

Why Get A Timber Pest Inspection Before You Buy?

Getting a pre purchase timber pest inspection in Fremantle, Perth suburbs within our service area are designed to check for pests is an important step that all prospective homeowners or investors should be aware of. It is a sensible course of action and could save you thousands of dollars in future repair, maintenance or even rebuilding.

Our affordable fees, are very competitive in the industry.

Why Choose Us?

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Cottesloe Pest Control has been a long established termite (white ant) and pre-purchase timber pest inspection company for more than 60 years, offering building and termite inspections to private residential, property managers and commercial clients in Perth and surrounds. We not only know bugs and rodents inside out, we’re also familiar with local conditions and the way that weather, typical building materials in the area and other factors can influence the likelihood of an infestation. This means that we’ll deliver a truly professional service, and we’ll do so efficiently. Thousands of locals have already trusted us for their building inspections for timber pest AS4349.3, and we’d love to help you manage the many other problem pests in the Perth.

What's Included?

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We undertake a thorough visual termite or pre purchase timber pest inspection in Fremantle, Perth and surrounding areas that specifically look for timber pests. Post Inspection, we prepare a detailed yet easy-to-interpret report, which is delivered to you ASAP. If there is a problem, we can often discuss the control options on the spot. Visual Termite inspections can be carried out In and around existing buildings and structures. A VTI is not recommended for pre-purchase inspections. Timber Pest Inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4349.3-2010: The purpose of these inspections is to provide advice about the condition of the property concerning pest activity. (Visual Termite inspections are not recommended for pre purchase inspections).

Prompt & Effective Services

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We know how inconvenient and dangerous some uninvited pests can be, which is why we pride ourselves on our prompt and effective services that give clients peace of mind.

We Have You Covered

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Get a Pre Purchase Timber Pest inspection for peace of mind.

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Termites can be spot treated in the day generally, so damage to your property will be minimised and risk reduced.


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