What to expect having booked a Booking a Visual Termite or Timber Pest Inspection

What To Expect

 Your technician will conduct a visual termite or Timber Pest inspection to all reasonable accessible areas, we will take all reasonable care in order to access these areas.
Please have the electric meter box accessible on the day (to disengage the power, and view the termite treatment sticker information, if there is one)
Please advise your technician of any known previous termite attacks or damage (repaired or otherwise)
If the roof space is accessible and safe to access via a ceiling manhole, (we take all reasonable care, but we cannot be held responsible for cracking due to the brittleness of the older plaster ceilings), the technician will require the Electric power turned off at the mains (this is a legal requirement)
If manhole inspection traps are accessible and meet the safety standards of 500 x 400 with sufficient crawl space, your technician will access and inspect accordingly, otherwise a visual inspection will be made from the available manhole.
Ideally the more areas we can see the more we can report on where it is reasonable to do so, please have manholes accessible and wall lines visible.
Carpeting/ floor covering is generally not disturbed unless there is obvious visual issues evident (we cannot guarantee floor coverings are not damaged in its lifting and cannot be responsible for any splits or taring)
Please advise of any recent water leak or plumbing issues (moisture / ventilation problems greatly increase risk of termite attack)
If any live activity is located, we generally are able to spot treat at an additional cost, at the same visit to keep costs down, fees are dependent and extent and complexity of the activity.
 Spot treatments are checked some three weeks later, access to be arranged with our Admin.
Please ask as many questions as you wish, understanding what we do, how we do it and what the expected outcome is, is crucial.
Inspection time can vary 20-50 minutes for an average home, depending on construction type and flooring.
We may suggest you repair any water leaks, gutters or down pipes if there are obvious faults, so to reduce the risks of termite attack.
We generally recommend 6-12 monthly visual inspections for termite.

Additional Works –

If we are doing any additional external treatments for spider / cockroach / ant treatments, Please turn the RETICULATION off the day before and three days after, Please clean up Clutter, garden debris and leaf litter to maximise coverage of products to gain an increased successful outcomes.

Thank you


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