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We offer the following services to help keep your pests under control:

Termite inspection – Regular inspections are the most important part of termite control. While annual inspections do not stop a termite infestation they can help with the early detection of termite activity. Once termites are detected, remedial treatment can begin so damage to your property will be minimised or prevented, Cottesloe Pest Control can provide ongoing programs to minimise the risk. Cottesloe Pest Control encourages all customers to have an annual white ant inspection. This will allow early detection of termites and highlight potential problem areas and conditions conducive to infestation in and around your home. Our licensed technicians will provide you with a full report in accordance with Australian standards informing you of any conditions favourable to termites, maintenance tips plus the do’s and don’ts to help reduce the risk of future termite attacks. To minimise termite damage to your property, contact us today to discuss our annual maintenance services.

Pre-purchase Inspection – Buying a new home? Let us inspect the property to give you peace of mind that what you see is what you get.

Spider Treatment – Spiders are particularly active during spring and summer, retreating into your home during the cooler months. A twice yearly treatment is recommended.

Cockroach Treatment – Cockroaches can pose a health risk and are extremely undesirable when entertaining. Don’t frighten your guests away, keep cockroaches at bay.

Millipede Treatment – Has your property been invaded? This is an increasing problem pest in the Perth area, often needing several treatment in one year, this will ensure excellent management of this pest– we can help you.

Bee Treatment – A professional treatment will keep your family and colleagues safe. Stings can cause anaphylaxis in some individuals.

Wasp Treatment – Professional handling is always recommended. Stings can cause anaphylaxis in some individuals.

Ant Treatment – Ants are a particular problem during spring and summer. There is nothing worse than an ant invasion whilst entertaining. An ant treatment will control your problem. Coastal Brown Ants are the big problem in the Western Suburbs, they undermined the sand/soil under you\’re paving causing costly repairs, these should be treated regularly usually under a maintenance program.

Flea Treatment -Take immediate action to stop the itch.

Rodent Treatment – RATS AND MICE are a potential health and fire risk. Don’t allow rodents to move into your property.

Mosquito Treatment – Mosquitoes pose a health risk. If you live by water, a treatment to control them is advised.

Spot White Ant Treatments – Avoiding the high use of chemicals, opting where possible not to recommend perimeter treatments (often described as barrier treatment) we will not carry out perimeter treatments.